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Build Your Nest

We're revolutionizing the way people invest in real estate. Create a portfolio of various properties rather than save up to buy a single property at a time. Sign up today to take part in our Beta!

Redefining Real Estate

Sparrow is a bridge between everyday investors, such as yourself, to developers and brokers. We want to give you the power to invest into real estate and have made it simple to understand.

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How It Works

Everyone has heard of blockchain and now blockchain is allowing us to invest in physical assets. But how does it work? This is where tokenization steps in and divides an asset into digital tokens which an individual can own.

Here is how real estate investing through tokens work at Sparrow:

Diagram of a solid tower beside building

This tower is worth $15 million.

Properties like these are usually accessible to investors with large amounts of capital, rather than accessible to everyone.

When tokenized, this property can be split into 150,000 digital tokens worth $100 each, which can be traded securely between investors anywhere. Ownership of each token would ensure that the owners receive their share of the building’s rental income and appraisal values.

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Our Driving Pillars

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A transparent investment process, similar to the real experience.
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Investment options for everyone’s budget. Put in as much or as little as you’d like.

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A platform built on honesty and integrity, committed to accountability.

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Our knowledgeable experts help provide returns incomparable to other investments.

Client Testimonials

Testimonial #1

“Great for first time investors who don’t have the capital to purchase a home on their own, with the rising real estate market it’s a great opportunity to be able to invest with however much you can invest with.”

- R. P., New Grad
Testimonial #1

“Sparrow helped me diversify my portfolio in real estate, I didn’t have enough capital to invest in my own real estate. Investing with Sparrow gave me exposure to alternative investments.”

- J. M., Financial Analyst
Testimonial #1

“As a student, I was low on funds, however, Sparrow allowed me to use the little money I had to invest in a profitable market such as real estate.”

– A. S., Student
Testimonial #1

“With very little spare time, Sparrow allowed me to invest in the real estate market. I was able to diversify my portfolio with a real estate investment due to the ease that Sparrow’s system provides. I was able to make a 34% return in a few months. Due to this, I have reinvested my money in the company’s next investment.”

- D. S., Accountant

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain technology enables secure and decentralized transactions by creating and matching an immutable record. This ensures users as they have a receipt for all their investments. Tokens are a type of security that can be traded on blockchain.

Tokening within Sparrow allows every investor to hold an asset backed security which allows you to count your fractional real estate to be part of your net worth. Unlike other neo-investment platforms, our platform provides you with secure tokens which derive their value from its respective property.

The properties are carefully vetted by skilled realtors, brokers and analysts working rigorously to find our clients the best possible deals. These properties after successfully funded would then be managed by our team of highly experienced property managers who will ensure that the property is not in a deteriorating state.

Anyone living in Canada of 18 years or older would be eligible to invest with Sparrow, with as little as 1 dollar and as much as they want. Due to our amazing blockchain system, investors are not restricted to maximum investment amounts.