Invest when it matters,
where it matters!

Diversify your portfolio with smart Real Estate investments without having to worry about market conditions.

Affordable Investing, Elevated Returns

Unlock higher returns with Sparrow Invest's low-cost investment options and capitalize on the potential of your money.

Fully Managed

Unlock the benefits of professional fund management, including risk management, diversification through real estate, and ongoing regulatory oversight.

Easy Wealth Building

Tap into the power of private real estate for financial success. Your path to prosperity starts with us, invest what you can. Start small, end big!

Sparrow Invest Residential LP

Streamlined Investing

Sparrow Invest Residential LP is a specialized asset management fund operating exclusively in the private real estate market. Unlike traditional investment funds that offer a range of investment options, Sparrow Invest Residential LP focuses on a single, diversified investment strategy tailored to meet the real estate investment needs of all investors. This unique approach eliminates the need for investors to choose specific investment opportunities, as Sparrow Invest Residential LP’s fully managed fund handles all investment decisions on their behalf.

Optimized Return

Our seasoned fund managers meticulously distribute investments across a varied portfolio encompassing mortgages, rent-to-own properties, and strategic assets, aiming for an impressive average annual return of 16%. Since its inception, Sparrow Invest Residential LP has met this target, offering investors a reliable avenue to realize robust financial growth and security.

Accessible Wealth

Sparrow breaks down barriers to entry in private real estate markets, allowing investors to start with as little as $500. Start your wealth-building journey today with Sparrow Invest. With a track record of delivering consistent returns and distributions, Sparrow empowers investors of all sizes to build wealth over time, regardless of their initial investment amount.

Company Highlights

30+ Years

Combined experience in fund management, real estate, mortgage lending and finance.

Quarterly Distribution

We consistently provide quarterly distribution to enable our investors to have an additional source of income. Let the money work for you!

Canada & USA

Canadian based company with investors from both Canada and the US.

August 3rd, 2023​

Fund was launched on August 3rd, 2023, Sparrow Invest has successfully reached the annualized target of 16%.

Why Sparrow Invest?

Our Real Estate investment fund offers stable and predictable returns over time, providing investors with a reliable source of passive income and long-term wealth accumulation.

Diversify your investment portfolio by gaining exposure to the real estate market. Our fund invests in a diversified portfolio of properties, spreading risk and optimizing returns for investors.

Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned investment professionals who actively manage the fund’s assets, conduct thorough market analysis, and implement strategic investment strategies to maximize returns and mitigate risks.

Gain access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities typically unavailable to individual investors. Our fund provides access to a diverse range of residential properties through Rent-to-Own (RTO) and Private Lending, offering potential for capital appreciation and income generation.

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