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It might not come as a surprise, but nearly 90 percent of ultra-high-net-worth individuals acquire and maintain their wealth by investing in real estate. At Sparrow, we understand your needs and offer an investment opportunity with such benefits.

Debt Financing

Real estate debt investing is a type of investment strategy that involves investing in debt securities that are backed by real estate assets. In this type of investment, investors lend money to real estate developers or property owners in exchange for a fixed rate of return. Real estate debt investments can take various forms, including mortgage loans, mezzanine loans, bridge loans, and commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). Mortgage loans are the most common type of real estate debt investment which involves lending money to a borrower in exchange for a mortgage on a property.

Equity Investing​

Real estate equity investing is a type of investment strategy that involves investing in ownership stakes of real estate assets, and developments. In this type of investment, investors become partial owners of a property or a portfolio of properties and receive a portion of the income generated by the property, either through rental income or capital appreciation.

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Low Fees

We enable investments with fees lower than the average REIT.

High Returns

Our team of experts conducts due diligence to find lucrative opportunities in high-growth areas.

Income + Equity

Our fund offers both income in the form of dividends and growth through real estate appreciation.


All your information is kept confidential, so you can invest with a peace of mind.

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